Tipperary 1-10 Cork 0-9 FT – Munster Minor Football

Cork: M. Martin; S. O’Leary; T. O’Rourke (C. Ryan); S. Cronin; K. Crowley (0-1); C. Hyde; J. Davis; B. O’Driscoll; I. Maguire (0-2); S. O’Sullivan (K. McIntyre 0-1); A. O’Donovan (0-1); P. Fitzgerald; C. Vaughan (0-2;0-1f); C. Horgan (A. Moynihan 0-1); K. O’Connor (0-1).

Tipperary: E. Comerford; D. Cass; J. Feehan; L. Egan; K. Fahey; D. Fitzell; B. Maher; S. O’Brien (0-1); P. Quirke (1-2); J.Lonergan (J. Maher); J. Martin; G. Henry (I. Fahey 0-2); J. Shelly (TJ. Ryan); J. McGrath (0-4;0-2f); C. Kennedy (0-1f).

Another disappointing result for Cork underage GAA with this unsurprising defeat at the defending All-Ireland champions. Although the Cork team worked hard and generally did themselves proud we were defeated by a bigger, more clinical Tipperary team that had the game sown up early in the second half with Phillip Quirke’s goal as Cork had no goal threat whatsoever. Tipp will now go on to play Kerry in the final who struggled past Clare in Ennis tonight.

Even though Tipp struggled to win possession in middle of the pitch for most of the game, unlike Cork they did have an effective and pronounced game plan, hitting direct ball on to Quirke, Kennedy and McGrath all of whom had an effective physical edge over their Cork markers. This long ball style yielded in the games only goal as Quirke fisted a long ball into the net – both before and after the goal Quirke was a very willing target man for Tipp’s fast counters and was at the heart of most of Tipperary’s scores. The introduction of Ian Fahey and his two points further helped Tipp turn the game in their favour while elsewhere in attack both John McGrath and Colman Kennedy showed considerable flashes of class. In midfield Steven O’Brien won some incredible first time ball while in the backs Tipperary were physical and mean throughout. Finally Evan Comerford had a solid game in goals. Tipperary should at least get five inter-county seniors out of this team and hopefully victories like this will propel them to make the Munster championship more competitive at a senior level in the near future.

For Cork, one has to say the team tried its hardest. Some of our finishing  however (we left at least five handy points on the pitch) and passing was very poor and even though we dominated the breaks around the middle of the pitch we struggled to do much of anything with the ball we won going forward. Tipp effectively closed down the space in front of our inside forwards and both Vaughan and Horgan never got the ball or room to do any real damage. There were some noteworthy performances – Crowley was again excellent, carrying the ball with real pace and showing elan throughout while Sean O’Leary tried very hard in the corner. Ian Maguire, Paul Fitzgerald and Brian O’Driscoll toiled throughout in the middle of the pitch and could never be faulted for effort while Killian O’Connor showed some class the few times he got the ball. Finally Aidan Moynihan was eye-catching on the ball when introduced. In generally though our inside backs were physically out matched, our finishing was inferior, we lacked quality up front and Tipperary deservedly march on to the Munster final.

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