Cork Senior Hurling Championship – 11/6/’11 – 12/6/’11

Ballymartle 1-13 Cloyne 2-9

Ballymartle: Declan McCarthy; D. Coleman; M. Tobin; D. Edmonds; J. Kelly; P. Dwyer; S. Corry; S. O’Mahony (1-0); Darren McCarthy (0-5; 0-4f); R. Dwyer (0-1); B. Corry (0-5); B. Dwyer (0-1); J. Dwyer (G. Webb); D. Dwyer (P. Coughlan); K. Fitzpatrick (0-1;J. Coleman)

Cloyne: D. Og Cusack; E. O’Sullivan; K. Cronin; B. Fleming; D. O’Sullivan; B. McCarthy; D. Dineen (M. Walsh); C. O’Lomasney (0-1, A. Walsh); D. O’Sullivan; J. Nyhan (C. O’Sullivan); P. O’Sullivan (1-4; 0-2f); D. Cahill (0-2); K. Dennehy (1-0); C. Cusack (0-1); C. Smyth (0-1).

An entertaining game here that could have gone either way. Cloyne had enough goal chances, particularly at the end of the first half, to win the game five times over, but Declan McCarthy and bad luck kept every one out. At the same time, an under par Ballymartle were a man down thanks to a cynical and high foul on Paudie O’Sullivan for two thirds of the game but still dominated large parts of the possession despite a number of their players underperforming. For B’Martle, Declan McCarthy was undeniably their star, making numerous miracolous saves while Brian Corry notched five points from play. U-21 stars Darren McCarthy and Seamus Corry also had solid matches. At the same time, even before their sending off, Ballymartle’s full-back line was in disarray and struggled badly with the the energy of Cloyne inside forwards. For Cloyne, Paudie O’Sullivan had a brilliant first half and capped his display with a great individual goal; youngsters like of Dillon Cahill and Kieth Dennehy offered pace and a number of important scores while veteran Conor Cusack worked hard in the air and on the ground. Even though the defeat was a bit of a sickener, Cloyne will have to be happy with their hard-working display of what is a team in transition, featuring as it does a number of Minors. Ballymartle have more to offer, but looked somewhat tired after their exertions against Newtown; they will simply be happy to have gotten their first victory in senior hurling.

Blackrock 1-14 Douglas 0-9

Blackrock: A. Long; W. Sherklock; F. Ryan; C. Murphy; B. Ahern; K. Murphy; G. Norberg; R. Dineen; G. Howard; E. O’Farrell (0-3); D. O’Se (J. Fitzgerald); C. O’Leary (0-1); B. O’Keeffe (1-1); D. Cashman (0-5; 0-3f, 0-1sl); K. O’Keeffe (0-4).

Douglas: B. Boyle; P. Shine; A. Barry; R. Keating; J. Collins; E. Cadogan; C. Lucey; B. Fitzgerald (0-1); M. Collins; O. Mulrooney (0-1); J. Moylan (A. Cadogan); R. Murphy (0-4; 0-2f); F. Desmond; M. Harrington (0-2); S. Moylan (0-1).

A considerable shock here as Blackrock hammered last year’s semi-finalists Douglas. First things first – Douglas’ performance, possibly because of over-confidence or over-training, was abysmal. Showing no energy and little intensity from beginning to end Douglas allowed the Rockies dominate throughout and showed a confidence largely absent from last year’s campaign. For Blackrock, Fergal Ryan and Wayne Sherlock led by example at the back while all three of Blackrock’s inside forwards had impressive games, the two O’Keeffes in particular terrorising the Douglas corner backs. In general throughout the team Blackrock showed admirable work ethic and effort and played at a higher intensity then Douglas. For Douglas, Eoin Cadogan had a decent second half while Richard Murphy and Mark Harrington did ok up front. All in all though it was astonishing off day for Douglas. For Blackrock, one can’t shake the notion that this is a pretty mediocre side far too reliant on veterans for them to really go far in this year’s championship. One suspects other teams will find the flaws – the lack of pace in the full-back line for example – in Blackrock’s team much easier then Douglas did.

C.I.T 3-15 Imokilly 2-12

C.I.T.: T. MacCuaid; D. O’Duagain; R. O’Ciosan; B. MaCudar; E. O’Dioluin (0-2f); S. O’Laodha (B. O’Suilleabhain); P. DeBuitleir; N. O’Ceallaigh; D. O’Lordain (D. Drach, 0-2); A. O’Murchu (0-1; S. O’Croinin); M. O’Suilleabhain (0-4); C. O’Cathasaigh (1-1);  S. O’Sioda (SM. O’Ceallachain); C. O’Siochain (0-2); S. O’Briain (2-3).

Imokilly: C. Cronin; B. O’Tuama; P. Butler; B. O’Sullivan (C. Spillane); M. Hickey; L. Sexton; P. O’Regan (0-2, 0-1f); M. Galvin (1-1, T. O’Keeffe); A. O’Sullivan (0-1, B. Murphy); C. McGann (B. Smiddy); B. Cooper (1-3); R. Spillane (S. O’Callaghan); J. Halbert; E. Conway (0-4); B. Ring (0-1f).

In probably the most high quality game of the weekend, C.I.T. fairly handily beat a hard-working Imokilly side. One has to feel sorry for Imokilly, who tried hard and looked to have good team spirit as their considerable efforts were rebuffed by a stacked C.I.T team including the likes of Sheehan, Micheal O’Sullivan, Colm Casey, David Drake etc. Even without McLoughlin and Aidan Walsh C.I.T. were never in danger of losing – Ross Cashman and Eoin Dillon dominated in defence while Micheal O’Sullivan ran riot at midfield throughout. Colm Casey and Tony Murphy further dominated the Imokilly half-forward line while Sheehan and Simon O’Brien did likewise inside. All four contributed handsomely to the scoreboard. For Imokilly, Bill Cooper was their stand-out performer and leader at center-forward while Mick Galvin and Eoin Conway tried hard throughout. Imokilly did have a number of goal chances in the last ten minutes while a much quicker change at midfield by the Imokilly management might have quelled the infleunce of Micheal O’Sullivan. In reality Imokilly came up against a more talented side and no doubt the East Cork division will be one of many teams that fall to C.I.T.

Muskerry 2-13 U.C.C 0-17

Muskerry: P. Ryan; J. Carey; A. O’Mahony; P. O’Leary; N. Buckley; S. O’Donoughue; J. Jordan; T. Kenny; D. Corkery; M. Cremin (0-1; D. O’Connell 0-1); R. Doherty (1-0); C. Murphy (0-4; 0-2f); P. Finnegan (0-5; 0-1f); M. O’Sullivan (1-0); J. Dineen (0-2).

U.C.C.: P. O’Brien; T. Geaney; K. Lane; D. Lordan; B. Bergin; K. Hartnett (A. Hannigan); W. Egan (0-1); D. Murphy (E. Healy); K. Ryan (D. Ring); J. Cassin (B. O’Sullivan); K. Keehan (0-2); S. Burke (0-4); W. Griffen (0-7, 0-6f); S. Harnedy (0-3); B. Hartnett.

In a pretty lacklustre game in wet, heavy conditions in Pairc ui Rinn Muskerry deservedly beat a disapointing UCC side. Considering the impressive performance of C.I.T. beforehand one would have hoped the College could have put in a similar showing but they never got going and Muskerry were good value for their win. For UCC, William Egan had a fine game in the half-back line, Kevin Hartnett was solid beside him while up front Shane Burke and Seamus Harnedy almost completely carried the UCC attack. Muskerry were generally more assured at the back and found their scores a little easier – both corner backs Carey and O’Leary had quality games while Joe Jordan in front of them was solid. Up front, Patrick Finnegan was clinical, hard working and was undeniably the MOTM. Muskerry, with a very solid defence, will be hard to beat in future rounds.

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2 Responses to Cork Senior Hurling Championship – 11/6/’11 – 12/6/’11

  1. JoNinety says:

    Bit strange to say The Rockies lack pace in the full back line. Fergal Ryan may be older but seems to syill have pace over the first 5 yards, Sherlock is still one of the best corner backs in the game and Chris Murphy is no slouch. Seems like a lazy observation made purely on the age of two players.

    • aegeas says:

      Don’t really see how its ‘lazy’ – the older you get, the slower you get. When you start to hit the thirties the pace just begins to go. Ryan and Sherlock had brilliant games and it was great to see two veterans put in such performances, but Douglas did a poor job at running at the Blackrock full-back line. Chris Murphy isn’t slow but isn’t fast, something that was obvious enough when he played for Cork. My general point is that I can see teams like Midleton and the Glen – well prepared teams with players like Brosnan, Lehane, Horgan, Wallis etc who have natural pace – tear through that Rockies defence.

      Anyway, hopefully Blackrock will go far, Sherlock was my favourite player when I was young, along with Sean Og. Can’t see it happening though.

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